Movies-Door-2-Door.Com: How Accounting Helped Make the Difference,
is a multimedia adaptation of Mark S. Beasley and Frank A. Buckless (2002), Pearson Education.

One of the greatest challenges when teaching accounting is to help students see the relevance and value of the course content for their future careers. Many students, especially those not pursuing an accounting degree, approach any accounting course with trepidation and doubt whether the materials will ever personally affect them. Furthermore, the lack of a solid understanding of business concepts often cause students to struggle with mastering the technical accounting content. Accounting is often presented in a proper theoretical order, but this is inconsistent with the way business owners and managers face in the business world, from formulating a business plan, sourcing finances and funding, implementing the plan and monitoring results. is intended to be a supplementary resource in an introductory accounting course, at the undergraduate or graduate level. The issues are presented in the logical order of an entrepreneurial endeavour and may jump across theoretical coverage in a typical accounting course.

The companies and characters presented in are purely fictional and are not intended to portray real persons, organisations and events. It does not cover all aspects of starting up a business, but offers a representative of relevant personalities and experiences one might encounter when starting a new business.

  Sample Chapters (open access until episode 5):  
  MD2D Chapter 1 - They Started as Friends...  
  MD2D Chapter 2 - Counting the Costs  
  MD2D Chapter 3 - Starting the Business  
  MD2D Chapter 4 - Light, Camera, Action!  
  MD2D Chapter 5 - Rental at Last!  
  MD2D Chapter 6 - Becoming the Boss  
  MD2D Chapter 7 - The Celebration  
  MD2D Chapter 8 - The Crash  
  MD2D Chapter 9 - Taking a Bank Loan  
  MD2D Chapter 10 - Tapping the Market  
  MD2D Chapter 11 - The Negotiations Begin  
  MD2D Chapter 12 - How Accounting Helped Make the Difference  
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